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Inspired by the vibrancy of my Nigerian culture and lack of its representation in children’s storybooks despite boasting an expansive diaspora, I was compelled to bring those childhood West African tales to life.

In my debut book, The Miraculous Masquerade, I wanted to share the vibrant tales of Ekpe characters seen on NŌK CHOC’s cocoa packaging. Bold and bright, the colorful masquerades that signified thanksgiving and celebration are a poetic representation of the life I strive to live every day. A life full of gratefulness with much worth celebration.

The Miraculous Masquerade


The Harvest Time Masquerade is an important tradition where Ekpe Society members honor the Earth and skies for rendering favorable conditions for their crops, allowing a full harvest.

Ema, only ten-years-old, is wise and wants to guide her four-year-old brother, Eno, who hopes to be an Ekpe when he grows up, to the masquerade.

This delightful tale captures the magnificent essence of this wonderful time for the various clans across Nigeria, in the heart of Western Africa.

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The response has been heartwarming, encouraging me to delve into a new project – a memoir detailing my path to the 2012 Olympics, set to be published in late 2024.

Running Home Memoir


Unlock the pages of triumph and resilience with my upcoming memoir, Running Home. Join the waitlist to be among the first to delve into my journey from the corporate corridors of Wall Street to the grandeur of the 2012 Olympic Games.


Immerse yourself in the back stories that laid the foundation for this Olympian, entrepreneur, founder, and passionate advocate. Don't miss the chance to be part of this empowering narrative.


Sign up now to secure your spot on the waitlist and be notified when Running Home hits the shelves. Your journey awaits.


Olympian, Entrepreneur, Founder, Author & Speaker. I'm here to inspire and help motivate you to discover your purpose and achieve your goals.

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